Tuesday, August 5, 2008

9 x 10 Oil on Panel

July. The Hay Moon. I went out 3 nights in row to study, to observe, to absorb. When you live near mountains the moon can rise very late, so late sometimes it seems impenetrably dark, you can give up hope of it ever rising. Then out of the blackness comes this powerful glow. Glorious. As the moon lit up the sky it made the trees blacker by contrast. The first night was cloudless, the second night just enough clouds to suggest mystery, the third night positively Gothic. I didn't want to paint the full drama of the last night and my mind went back to the middle night's effect. I thought about it for a few days then took out a small panel and let it rush forth. Within an hour it was finished. It wasn't a Chopin or Whistler nocturne. It was darker, deeper, Rothko's Chapel or Beethoven's late string quartets. Very compelling, there is a lot here to explore. I will be visiting this subject again.....

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jeff f said...

Very nice work!

I love the abstract quality of the effect.