Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Breakfast Cantata
19 x 24 Oil on Linen

I'm very fond of Bach's cantatas. His church cantatas are like small oratorios. He also wrote secular cantatas which have stories and characters, they might be called operettas by the next generation. One of my favorites is the Coffee Cantata, which concerns a girl whose father will not let her marry until she gives up her addiction to that extremely popular drink. As I worked on this breakfast painting I heard it as a rather comical cantata. There were several characters. The frying pan was a bass of course, the grapes a gossipy chorus, the eggs sopranos, the oranges tenors, and the toaster a big, burly baritone. The broken egg shells sounded a bit like a musical joke. The disappearing toaster, as described in the previous post, only added to the fun. The music was quite lively and jolly, and the story, well I'll let each viewer create their own version.....

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Inna Lazarev said...

Hi Thomas,

I like your "Breakfast Cantata" very much. There are variety of characters each with distinct personality; colors are settled but not monotonous; the whole painting is very alive - just like Bach.

P.S. You may find reference to Bach in my "Silver Pitcher on Bach Score" painting.

Inna Lazarev