Saturday, February 2, 2008

9 x 12 Oil on Linen

Okay let’s lighten up! This is one of a series of paintings I call The Sins of my Youth. I consider them to be artful studies much like Chopin’s etudes, though I suspect some might see them more like a Beethoven bagatelle. It is important to me that each painting have a certain elegance. Here, despite the rather silly subject matter, I have rigorously conformed to the laws of nature and of painting. Light and shade, form, color, design, etc. are what one would consider to be correct. Within that framework however there is a party going on! The colors can barely stay where they are supposed to be and sneak off to land in another part of the painting. The brushwork dances wildly as if it doesn’t know the right steps. The paint itself sometimes laughs out loud in bold opacities, sometimes whispers in gentle transparency. I left out the birthday candles fearing these crazy cupcakes might set the whole painting on fire…..


jeff f said...

Hey Tom,
It's nice that you have a blog.
I always admired your calligraphy and rhythmic way of painting.

Back in the day, in Frank's class I still remember having conversations with Andrew R. about it. We were both grand admires of your ability to say a lot with less.

Sue and Jim said...

Don't give up your day job...what you think is a silly recollection from your childhood is truly awesome in your painting. It is incredible how you took your child's viewpoint of something so small and turned in into an eloquent work of art, let alone attaching such a beautiful story behind it. You are an awesome inspiration and a great mentor. Thank you for sharing your passion to follow your dreams...and letting all of us enjoy the fruits of your labors.
Love, Sue and Jim