Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Harmony in Green and Gold
Oil on Linen
Image 20 x 30 - Framed 27 x 37

In the first post on this painting I said I heard it as a Mozart piano sonata. I still do, however on different days I hear different interpretations. The first day Alicia de Larrocha guided my brush, lovely, charming, delightful. Rudolf Serkin came to me the next day, structurally sound, beautiful phrasing. The third day was odd, wild, heavier, mesmerizing, Franz Liszt improvising variations on Mozart's theme. Not the vision I had for this piece but I followed along to see where it would take me. For the final day Arthur Rubinstein tied it all together. As his hands floated gently over the piano, my brush floated gently over the surface of the painting. A color wash here, a bit of detail there. Harmony. Joy. Beautiful...Finished.....

The Painting of the Month is a special offer to my blog readers (click on the image for a larger view). This month Harmony in Green and Gold, which will retail for $4800, is being made available for $3200 (includes shipping, VT residents add 6% sales tax). To purchase this piece contact me at Payment is by check only please, no credit cards. If you prefer you may make 3 monthly payments. This offer is available for 30 days from the date of this post.


dsb said...

Hi Tom,
I finally got a blog going and showed the painting I did at your workshop.
I hope you like it, but let me know if you'd rather I change or delete remarks. thanks, Dale

Dar Presto said...

The painting is beautiful and delightful. Thank you for sharing your process, complete with soundtrack.