Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sorrel's Knoll
Oil on Linen
Image 20 x 24 - Framed 26 x 30

I know this place well. Only about 100 yards or so from my studio, I pass by every day as I check the mailbox at the end of the road or walk the dog. We have a very good relationship, I always stop to admire her beauty and she nods a limb or waggles some grass to acknowledge my presence. I've seen her at all times of the day and through all the seasons. Delightful in spring and summer, magnificent in her autumn outfit. Like any good Vermont scene she embraces the winter, welcomes the snow and is refreshed by the cold air. We've shared quite a few dewy mornings though I prefer to stop by in the late afternoon after I've finished my day's work. A fence went up recently and now a pair of chestnut mares nibble at her grass and gently massage her soil as they play in her fields. She likes to turn in early thanks to the hill to her left but never slips into sleep without watching the afterglow across the valley. One day she agreed to sit for a portrait and I arranged to bring my landscape easel out the next afternoon. She sat perfectly still and I dutifully copied what I saw. When I got home I was disappointed because what I like most about her is her lively personality, my study was quite correct and quite dull. So I got out a fresh canvas and painted her as I knew her, with a bit of a breeze and drifting clouds. I painted quickly using no more paint than I needed...fresh, lively, of my favorite pieces.....

The Painting of the Month is a special offer to my blog readers (click on the image for a larger view). This month Sorrel's Knoll, which retails for $3600, is being made available for $2400 (includes shipping, VT residents add 6% sales tax). To purchase this piece contact me at Payment is by check only please, no credit cards. If you prefer you may make 3 monthly payments. This offer is currently available to my facebook friends.

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