Sunday, July 29, 2018

By the Brook
8 x 12   Oil on Panel

There is a brook that runs through the center of town called the Flower Brook. It is the pathway for rainfall and snow melt to find its way from the mountaintop, down through the Mettowee valley, to the Battenkill River. In some places it takes a narrow path, trickling over some rocks. Other spots are wide and deep enough to do a little fishing. In the middle of town there is a dam creating a waterfall which sends the brook to run under a bridge on the main road and behind the general store as it continues its journey. There is a spot that I am particularly fond of, not far from the road but secluded and quiet. I like to go the there on hot summer afternoons to cool my heels and watch the dog fetch sticks as she swims in its gentle current. Today was one of those days. I left the dog at home, however, and instead took my easel to spend the afternoon painting by the brook.....

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